Swiss Re’s SONAR report highlights emerging risks and trends

This risk report positions cyber threats as right at the top in the short term. We’ve got our work cut out to mitigate them…:

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated new emerging risks and trends, but the current crisis shouldn’t overshadow the need for the world to transition to a more sustainable economy and a low carbon future.

The pandemic will continue to shift politics, regulation and the market, and bring about a refocus in priorities as countries move toward planning their economic recoveries. Hard hit are Millennials, who face a slump in incomes and unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus disaster. This will put more pressure on intergenerational social contracts.

Other top risks in our SONAR 2020 report include increased use of edge computing, which supercharges data exchange, vaping and e-cigarette addiction, disruptions to supply chains, and declining mental health among teenagers and young adults.

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