The future of encryption: Getting ready for the quantum computer attack

If you’re concerned about encrypted data being decrypted in the future by a quantum computer attack, then it’s time to investigate and possibly invest in quantum secure cryptography…:

[…] Kaafarani is a former engineer at Hewlett-Packard Labs and leads a team of 10 full-time quantum cryptographers, from what he estimates to be a worldwide pool of just a hundred or so. The company is busy working on the development of quantum-secure cryptography– encryption solutions for hardware, software and communications that will secure information from future risk, yet can be implemented using today’s technology.

This comprises a system on chip (SoC) and software development kit that allow companies to create secure messaging applications, protected by a “post-quantum” variant of the Signal cryptographic protocol. Central to PQShield’s technology is that it is designed to work with both legacy systems as well as those expected in the years to come, meaning it could offer protection for everything from keyless cars and other connected devices, to data moving to and from cloud servers.

This, Kaafarani explains, is important owing to the fact that post-quantum cryptography cannot be retrospectively implemented – meanwhile data encrypted by modern standards remains open to post-quantum threats. “What we’re using right now as end-to-end encryption…is secure now, but people can intercept them and steal encrypted data,” he says.


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