The Mystery of China’s Sudden Warnings About US Hackers | WIRED

Why now? is the question asked by WIRED. TL;DR they think it’s a “what about-ism” distraction…:

[…] But publicizing details of the long-known incidents still raises plenty of questions. Mandiant’s Read says he wonders exactly how many cyberespionage cases Chinese companies and authorities are finding. The answer would provide significant clues about their true capabilities. Read says: “Is this 50 percent of what they’re finding? Is this 1 percent of what they’re finding? Is this 90 percent of what they’re finding?”

The move appears to be strategic, says TeamT5’s Che. “Considering the close relationship between China’s cybersecurity firms and the Chinese government, our team surmises that these reports could be a part of China’s strategic distraction when they are accused of massive surveillance systems and espionage operations.”

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