The Security Risks of Public Wi-Fi (And Why You Should Never Use It Without a VPN)

I’ve been running demos of Wifi attacks for years (I can remember a session in Warsaw in 2001…). I don’t do anything sensitive without a VPN (application and/or network layer). Neither should you…:

The problem with advances in technology is not the fact that you are missing out on some cutting edge technology. It’s that technology has gotten more dangerous without you knowing it until it is too late.

A few years ago and VPNs were just a luxury. Not at all needed, and mostly just used by those more paranoid about their privacy than others. But fast-forward to 2019 and everyone needs to use a VPN. Windows users, Linux users, and yes, you too Mac users, your Mac requires a VPN too.

Public Wi-Fi is very convenient. Say you’re in a country that you are not native to, and your phone’s service no longer works. Hop onto some public Wi-Fi and you’re good to go. But are you really? The answer is no. While public Wi-Fi does have its purpose, it also poses a risk to anyone and everyone who uses it. Public Wi-Fi is convenience technology, and like all convenience technology, leads to complacency; which is the first step towards becoming a cybercrime victim.


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