The top technology risks according to audit and risk leaders

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone given that consultants usually reflect what they are told by their clients, but it’s good to see that analysis…:

IT audit and risk leaders globally identified cybersecurity, privacy and compliance as their top technology risks going into 2021 – according to a new study by Protiviti and ISACA.

The researchers surveyed over 7,400 professionals in IT audit and risk top jobs, seeking perspectives on what risk managers are expecting this year. The focus was on technology risks, and the responses clearly reflect the core workplace transformations that took place during the pandemic.

The number one concern this year is a cyber breach. Sophisticated cyber criminals already had businesses on high alert before last year. With lockdowns and virtual working arrangements, business IT infrastructure was suddenly spread across a host of unreliable and unsecure private networks – operated by people with inadequate cyber literacy.

The top technology risks according to audit and risk leaders

This was a field day for hackers. An Interpol report from August last year revealed that phishing, ransomware, data harvesting malware, and malicious domains all catapulted in 2020 – in some cases by more than 500%. Yet, remote working has delivered myriad business benefits, and many are going into 2021 embracing it as a long-term fixture.


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