This Email Security Startup’s Stormed the Dutch Market – Can it do the Same in the UK?

This sounds like the equivalent of having a friend looking over your shoulder whilst you’re doing your email….:

Email – ZIVVER’s CEO Rick Goud would not be the first to emphasise – is fundamentally insecure. But with all but the most security-conscious unlikely to swap it outright for alternative channels anytime soon, this Dutch startup founder is trying to work with change-averse human nature as it is.

“We started with full integration into the Microsoft Office suite, and basically we’ve disguised ourselves as email, so people don’t need to change the way they are working”, he tells Computer Business Review.

His company (backed to the tune of $12 million by London-based VC firm Dawn Capital in a Series A funding round late last year) offers a cloud-based SaaS that aims to bolster email and file transfer security, with services including encrypted file transfer and its USP: machine learning-powered guidance designed to pre-empt the human errors responsible for the vast majority of data breaches, via a range of real-time prompts.

Using APIs and plentiful encryption it essentially works behind Office 365 (other email providers coming soon) to add additional security to emails, running ML over their content to flag to users if their outgoing email features personal information, has been inappropriately cc’d, etc.

It may not be glamorous, but it has been welcomed: having made aggressive inroads into the Dutch public sector market in just 24 months (securing 2,700 customers including 40 percent of Dutch hospitals and 30 percent of Dutch local government), ZIVVER now has its eye firmly on expansion into the UK.


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