Thoughts on the “Death of the Office”

I read the linked comment piece in The Times this morning. A telco like Vodafone obviously has an interest in pushing remote working as a business proposition but it is the identification of 60/40 split between ‘remote’ and ‘office’ for their own needs that I found most interesting. The indicators are that the future of many kinds of work will be a hybrid of office and remote, with companies providing more of a hotel-with-concierge service rather than a cubicle.

The office isn’t dead but it’s going to be a lot more attractive than in a Dilbert comic strip if companies want to entice workers to get together…:

[…] For Vodafone, our answer is yes. Across the group, about 60 per cent of our employees’ time typically is spent on individual projects or tasks and we know now that working remotely can be highly effective when working this way. The remaining 40 per cent of working time is enhanced when working in person in teams: co-creating, brainstorming, advancing projects or learning. These key activities still require an office. […]

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