ThreatList: Apple Adware, Phishing, APT Attacks Threaten macOS Users

A gentle reminder. If you get a popup that asks you to ‘update Flash’ or ‘Install this video viewer’ or other such nonsense, ignore it…:

While macOS is often touted as “safer” on the cybersecurity front compared to Windows-based systems, cybercriminals are in fact increasingly targeting Apple’s ecosystem.

The number of attacks on macOS users through malicious and potentially unwanted programs has been increasing annually since 2012, and in 2018 it exceeded 4 million attacks, according to telemetry from Kaspersky released on Wednesday. The pace is staying steady so far this year: During the first half of 2019, the firm registered 1.8 million malware attacks on Macs.

The trojan downloader Shlayer, which downloads and installs various adware (mainly from the Bnodlero family), is the No. 1 threat seen taking aim at macOS, according to the report. It’s making use of people’s thirst for pirated content.

“If you try to search for sites where you can watch or download a popular movie or TV series for free, the very first search results will lead to resources that request you to update Flash Player in order to view content,” the firm explained. “It is these updates that contain Shlayer.”

With the exception of Shlayer, the rest of the top ten is filled out by various unwanted software belonging to the adware class, which display ads in system notifications, web page banners, search results pages, the browser and so on.


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