Thycotic’s Cyber Security Predictions and Trends for 2020

Biohacking forms the basis of the most scary predictions I’m seeing coming out of the security industry…:


#5 Prediction: The 6th Day will move closer to becoming reality

Biometric deepfakes combined with DNA paint a picture of a scary future that is not too far from reality.

It’s a future where I can imagine the movie “The 6th Day” becoming a reality—your  biometric data combines with your DNA to allow companies to start creating clones of you without your consent or knowledge.  Would you be ok with that? Because this reality starts with your biometric data.  Think twice about how much of your digital footprint you want to make available publicly. Is your biometric data available along with your digital online footprint of videos and pictures? Have you given up your DNA to find your long-lost family or to discover where your ancestral origins are? Then you might find you’re closer to having a digital clone. Perhaps they will work for you and make you a second income, or maybe they will replace you entirely!


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