Twitter Tagged in Europe, But Regulators Don’t Agree On Ruling

It looks like the Irish regulator is out of step with most of the rest of the EU on the level of fine to impose on Twitter…:

[…] Other EU regulators took issue with the DPC’s preliminary ruling on Twitter. Though a significant fine seemed inevitable for Twitter, it appears that the DPC’s consultation of all concerned EU supervisory authorities (“CSA”) has led to a possible change. Graham Doyle, Deputy Commissioner of the DPC, provided that the DPC has referred the matter to the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”). The next steps in the process are prescribed by Article 65 of the GDPR which was meant to “ensure the correct and consistent application of this Regulation in individual cases.”

When a CSA raises a “relevant and reasoned objection” to a draft decision of the lead authority or the lead authority has rejected such an objection as being not relevant or reasoned, the binding decision should be adopted by the EDPB. The binding decision should be adopted within one month from the referral of the subject-matter by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Board. However, that period may be extended by another month on account of the complexity of the subject-matter. When the EDPB is unable to adopt a decision within that month (or additional month when applicable) the EDPB can make a decision by simple majority of the members. Where the members of the Board are split, the decision shall by adopted by the vote of its Chair.


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