UK government outlines skills challenges in digital transformation plan

I read this stuff so you don’t have to.

Amongst the worthy proclamations of intent, there’s a recognition that previous initiatives haven’t worked to turn the UK into Estonia when it comes to eGovernment. I also like that the plan starts with equipping civil servants with the necessary skills rather than focusing on whizzy technology…:

[…] As set out in a report by the National Audit Office in 2021, previous attempts at digital transformation in government have had mixed success. Previous strategies have lacked specificity, cross-government endorsement, clear lines of accountability and business ownership. Subsequently, former flagship programmes have slowly shut down and failed to deliver results.

This roadmap is designed to be different. The creation of the CDDO has marked a new era of digital transformation in government, a hallmark of which is true collaboration and Permanent Secretary leadership for the Digital agenda on a scale never seen before. This roadmap has been developed with government’s most senior leaders alongside digital experts from across and beyond government. Together, we have worked to develop commitments that are concrete, measurable and ambitious, but also achievable, with robust plans in place to work across all departments to track and support progress.


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