UK police arrest seven teenagers in connection to Lapsus$ – Tech Monitor

If you’ve had the experience of bringing up children and experienced the heady combination of rock-solid confidence plus staggering naïvety, you won’t be surprised if this turns out to be a 16 year old and his mates…:

[…] Lapsus$ had confused cybersecurity experts with its combination of sophistication and naivety. Although apparently adept at recruiting insiders and stealing credentials, the group is “notoriously brazen about its activities and has previously announced its plans for insiders at specified companies,” Chris Morgan, senior threat intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows, told Tech Monitor yesterday.

This public visibility put the group at risk of arrest, said a security researcher speaking on the condition of anonymity. “They’re not thinking about the consequences that maybe a more experienced cybercrime actor would be wary of,” they said.


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