UK spy agency warns key artifical intellience needed to fight new threats

This is an article from one of the UK tabloids about a report that’s all over my newsfeed this morning. The cynic in me says that this is probably the opening salvo in a bid for enhancing the budget at GCHQ, despite agreeing with the general message of “The bad guys are automating their attacks, we need to do the same and also automate our defences”…:

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) published a report strongly suggesting the use of AI in combatting the UK’s adversaries.  The report says that adversaries are likely to use the technology for attacks in cyberspace and on the political system.

AI will be needed to detect and stop online cyberattacks before they present themselves.

But AI is unlikely to predict who might be about to be involved in serious crimes, such as terrorism – and will not replace human judgement.

The report is based on unprecedented access to a majority of the UK’s intelligence community, and was commissioned by GCHQ security service.

Future threats to British intelligence could include deep fake images and video to manipulate opinion and elections.

In addition, cyber attacks and malware may cause havoc for systems handling sensitive data.

Attacks may also use drones to carry out terrorism and other attacks.

In these situations, adversaries will be using AI themselves, meaning the same software could be used to counter it.


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