UK to Launch Huawei Cyber Security Review Amid US Trade Tensions

It’s impossible to unscramble the mix of geopolitics and genuine security concerns associated with the rollout of 5G. I believe all of the supply chain for 5G should be security reviewed as this is likely to be embedded in a lot of 21st Century services…:

[…] While Boris Johnson had initially shown reticence toward the idea of kicking out the telecom giant, the new emergency cyber security review could be a turning point over the issue—especially in light of heightening global tensions exacerbated by US trade sanctions with China.

Lawmakers in the US, for example, urged on by the Trump administration, have a long history of urging their counterparts in the UK to turn their backs on Huawei, with some even going so far as to threaten that a failure to do so would slow down US-UK trade deal negotiations. According to the US officials, this is arguable on the grounds that the US shares classified intelligence with its allies, including the UK.


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