UltraSoC and Agile Analog work to detect physical cyber attacks

As we (hopefully) get better at detecting and repelling data and logic attacks, let’s not forget the physical side…:

UltraSoC and Agile Analog are collaborating to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive hardware-based cybersecurity infrastructure by combining UltraSoC’s embedded on-chip analytics with Agile Analog’s advanced on-chip analogue monitoring IP.

The combination will enable the detection and prevention of ‘analog interference’ cyber attacks that circumvent traditional security measures by tampering with underlying systems such as power supply levels or clock signals.

UltraSoC’s cybersecurity products are able to monitor the functional behaviour of digital circuitry, adding an extra layer of defence-in-depth to the security landscape, and detecting and mitigating cyber threats at hardware speed.

Agile Analog offers a parallel range of “smart” monitors in the analogue domain, such as voltage, temperature and timing sensors to detect side-channel attacks or anomalous behaviour that could indicate a cyber attack. The combination of system-level digital monitoring and analogue capabilities will enable a holistic approach to hardware-based cybersecurity.


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