‘Understand What You Believe’: Fmr. FBI Agent Unpacks Information Threats

Take everything you see or hear with a side order of cynicism…:

[…] There are two components to building what Watts calls a “preference bubble,” or the way in which users see social media content. One is an algorithm; the other is the reader. Each individual’s social feed is uniquely tailored to them, he explained, and nobody else sees the world in that way. This makes it easier to spread false narratives, as other people don’t know if they should believe content because it wasn’t specifically made for them.

Why do people believe everything they see? Watts shared a few tactics that attackers commonly use to manipulate victims — for example, provoking emotions such as anger and fear.

“If I can scare you as an audience, you’re more likely to believe what comes next,” he said. “I can draw in followers by scaring people with news.”


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