US Accuses North Korea of Cyberattacks, a Sign That Deterrence Is Failing

Want to hire a criminal hacking group? The DPRK may be your best bet…:

[…] While many of the details were old news to cybersecurity researchers and security engineers, there was one important new detail in the report: North Korea’s hackers are now offering their services to other cybercriminals and nation-state hackers for a fee.

“They’ve become hackers for hire,” said John Hultquist, the senior director of intelligence analysis at FireEye, a cybersecurity company. “We never knew that, and what it shows is the level to which North Korean hackers are maximizing their cybercapabilities.”

The report makes clear that North Korea’s hackers are squeezing all possible revenue from cyberattacks. Ever since the attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, when Americans got their first glimpse into the country’s hacking prowess, the North’s army of more than 6,000 hackers has been on a rampage, penetrating banks, extorting hospitals with ransomware and hitting up the exchanges that trade in digital currencies like Bitcoin and Monero for cash.


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