US, Russia at odds as UN Council confronts threat of cyber attacks

Geopolitics meets infosec…:

[…] While the US envoy to the world body asked that member states respect a framework already in place, her Russian counterpart called for a new treaty to be drafted.

“The risk is clear. Cooperation is essential” to combat such attacks, US ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said, without mentioning Russia, which is often accused by Western countries of hosting hackers or directly engaging in cyberwarfare.

“The framework that UN member states have worked so hard to develop now provides the rules of the road. We have all committed to this framework. Now, it is time to put it into practice.”

At their summit earlier this month in Geneva, the US president set out red lines for Russia – 16 “untouchable” entities, ranging from the energy sector to water distribution.

“This is the generic list of critical infrastructure which every country has,” said one European ambassador who specializes in cybersecurity and spoke to AFP news agency under condition of anonymity.


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