Vaccine Passports: Who, What, When, Where and How?

I think I might have already lost the flimsy bit of card that had my vaccination details on. I’ve also got a record on the NHS app, but don’t know if that’s going to be valid for travel. My prediction is that 2021 is going to be a travel nightmare…:

[…] While most local health departments have databases on individuals that track all types of vaccine status information, a person’s ability to prove that they were vaccinated often relies on white paper cards given to people when the vaccines are administered.

Complicating matters further, these cards rarely have pictures or other information on the card holder, beyond the name of the person and the date the vaccine was given. The potential for fraud, misuse of paperwork, lost and stolen cards, different formats, and several other problems make just showing your vaccine card unworkable as a travel document and/or proof of vaccine status for the wide list of uses during the COVID-19 emergency.


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