Verizon: Attacks on Mobile Devices Rise

You probably don’t need reminding that it’s RSAC this week. They’ll be an avalanche of press releases coming your way. I’ll attempt to filter out most of the noise. This one is interesting as it shows the same level of neglect for mobile security as we’ve seen before for the desktop…:

RSA CONFERENCE 2020 – San Francisco – The theme of Verizon’s 2020 Mobile Security Index is innovation – on the part of both enterprise security professionals and the attackers trying to work past their best efforts.

Mobile devices are getting abused by cybercriminals, but companies are still giving those devices the security short-shrift. “About 40% of our respondents across the board report having a mobile security compromise,” says Bryan Sartin, executive director of global security services at Verizon. That’s an increase from 33% of organizations in Verizon’s 2019 report.

The annual report, released here today, is based on surveys and interviews with more than 1,100 business and cybersecurity professionals.

While many companies have experienced a mobile compromise, 43% report that they have sacrificed the security of mobile devices in the name of “getting the job done.” And the main reason for security sacrifice will sound familiar to most security professionals.


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