Webinar: How to handle human risk with people working from home

Accelerated by COVID, working from home is now prevalent. Many organisations are stating that they will allow their employees to work from home in the future, post COVID.

So, how should CISOs now manage human risk, when staff are no longer physically present in the office, but are connected to the corporate network? What risks are posed by employees working from home and how can organisations manage or minimise those risks?

How are criminals taking advantage of the current situation and how can organisations equip their people with the knowledge to identify and respond to cyber threats.

Join the OutThink Chief Product and Data Officer, Dr. Shorful Islam, and his CISO guests, Karl Knowles and Christian Toon, for an insightful conversation on how to manage human risk while employees continue to work remotely.

29th of April 2021:

11.00 UK (BST)

12.00 CEST