We’re taking action to block scam SMS messages – Telstra Exchange

Can we have this in Europe please…:

[…] To get ahead of the challenge, our technology solutions are also evolving, and we are developing a new cyber safety capability to help turn the tables on the scammers targeting Australians. The tool is designed to automatically detect and block scam SMS messages as they travel across our network, stopping them before they reach your mobile phone.

This new technology is complex but in simple terms it applies knowledge of what a scam SMS looks like as it travels across our network and if it looks suspicious it will block it. It does this by automatically scanning the content of messages to find suspicious patterns and characteristics, along with other data including time, sender, number of messages sent, and recipient.

We are currently running a pilot of this capability inside Telstra, so that any scam SMS messages sent to our people help ‘train’ the systems to spot the difference between a legitimate and a malicious SMS. The more scams it sees the smarter it will get.


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