What is fueling digital anxiety when working remotely? – Help Net Security

I’ve been working remotely for some or all of the time for the past 30 years. If you’re a seasoned ‘road/home warrior’ then, like me, you might find it difficult to understand the anxiety of those new to not being in an office…:

[…] “It is not surprising that individuals have started to worry more about cyber security, particularly when working from home. Many individuals were thrust into the ‘new normal’ of home working with very little preparation, training, or equipment. Let’s not forget, for most individuals in a workplace environment, cyber security is generally a second thought, and is usually something that is seen as the responsibility of someone else in the company. This, coupled with the fact that many home workers have less than perfect home working environments (e.g. desks in busy parts of the house, limited/poor internet connection, limited working knowledge of internet-based technology), means that these cyber security fears could be symptomatic of a combination of factors,” he said.


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