What neurodivergent people really think of working in cyber security – Computer Weekly

Interesting view from the trenches. Many of the people I work with in infosec would be described as neurodivergent, myself included. Also several members of my family…and quite a few of my friends:

[…] Auticon, which solely employs autistic adults as technology consultants, helped KPMG DevSecOps engineer James Brashko pursue a career in the cyber security industry.

“I got into cyber security when I started working for Auticon, a consultancy that hires autistic IT consultants,” he tells Computer Weekly. “In the first six months of working for them, I was ‘on the bench’, during which time I worked towards lots of different certifications, including one in cyber security risk, which led to Auticon putting me forward for my current role.”

To help James settle into his new career and ensure those around him understood his needs, Auticon conducted an internal autism training session at KPMG. “I have been working on my placement for just over two years now, and they’re pretty good at supporting me. For instance, I am not great at talking to people and the team has been able to help with mediating with other people for me, or dealing with any issues around bureaucracy,” he says.


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