What the Last 20 Years of Cyberthreats Have Taught Us

I’ve been directly involved in the infosec world since 1999 when I launched a managed firewall service. This summary for Sophos is a good summary of how things have changed…:

While the history of cyberthreats is vast and complex, information security has experienced three pivotal eras over the last 20 years that have shaped the cybersecurity industry into what we know it as today. Sophos recognizes that partners need access to resources on this history to help improve their own cybersecurity posture and empower them to better protect and advise their customers.

This is why Sophos recently published its report Cyberthreats: a 20-year retrospective, detailing how cybercriminals have innovated and the security landscape has evolved over the last two decades. By having a clear understanding of the past, partners can better prepare for the future and ensure organizations are protected from all forms of cyberthreats.


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