What’s up with… TIM, Telefónica, cellular IoT

I keep a watchful eye on IoT and more general Operational Technology (OT) because the interfaces between IT and OT bring significant risk. The telcos have made big investments in IoT but are struggling to make a return…:

[…] The pandemic might have spurred some telecom segments, but it hasn’t done much good for the cellular IoT industry. Berg Insight reports that a double whammy is still impacting the sector. First, the pandemic affected demand in several major application areas in 2020. And second, extra pain is being inflicted by the global chip shortage, which is expected to curb growth in IoT device shipments this year. Over the longer term, Berg thinks a key accelerant will be so-called reduced capability (RedCap) devices poised for introduction following the upcoming 3GPP Release 17. These will be less expensive than the 5G devices being deployed today but offer higher data rates than LPWA technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT. It says modules supporting the specification will likely reach the market in 2023 on wearables, video surveillance and industrial monitoring devices. You can get more detail from this brochure.


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