Where Iran is strong, weak in cyberspace

A brief bit of searching on Jane’s reveals a lot of articles on cyber developments. Here’s the US DoD’s take on Iran…:

DoD INTEL ARM ON IRAN DIGITAL MIGHT — The Defense Intelligence Agency on Tuesday released “Iran Military Power,” an examination of Tehran’s defense goals and intentions, including in cyberspace. “Although still technologically inferior to most of its competitors, the Iranian military has progressed substantially over the past few decades,” DIA chief Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley said in the report’s introduction.

Iran “uses cyberspace operations as a tool of statecraft and internal security, and it continues to improve its capabilities,” the Pentagon’s intelligence arm found, adding Tehran “often masks its cyberoperations using proxies to maintain plausible deniability. However, there are often clear indications that link these operations to Iran’s security apparatus.”

Iran’s offensive digital capabilities “remain underdeveloped” compared to the U.S., China and Russia, according to DIA. The report notes that Tehran receives “technical assistance for cyberspace defense from Russia and China” and delves into the malicious online activities favored by the country, such as phishing, cyber espionage and information operations. Iran’s military modernization goal in terms of cyber is to expand its presence and maintain a hold over its adversaries’ infrastructure to keep it at risk.


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