White House cyber official says ‘commitment’ by ransomware gang suggests Biden’s warnings are …

I’m with the ‘experts’ on this one. Just because one group makes an announcement it doesn’t constitute a guarantee and there’s nothing stopping other groups (or the same people under a different group name) from carrying out attacks. What’s needed is some high profile enforcement action…:
[…] Neuberger’s comments, referring to cybercriminals who try to extort millions of dollars in ransom payments from their victims, raised eyebrows from experts who track the groups.
“Certain ransomware groups pinky-promised not to attack healthcare providers during the pandemic but, unsurprisingly, they didn’t adhere to that,” said Brett Callow, a threat analyst at Emsisoft. “There’s absolutely no reason to believe that untrustworthy bad faith actors will stick to their word or that they can even necessarily control their affiliates. The fact that a single group has said it will avoid attacks on critical infrastructure is neither a good sign nor a bad one. It’s a meaningless nothing-burger.”

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