Why do cyber criminals target our events?

Running an event? It’s not just about speakers and ‘networking’. I usually avoid the Wifi, unless I’m conducting an exercise for a demo…:

[…] You might ask yourself, why would cyber criminals target our events? If we had to deliver a quick answer, the blame wouldn’t stray too far from the data we collect.

Organisers don’t always realise it, but events gather hordes of sensitive and personally identifiable information over their lifespan. Think about a financial conference serving 5,000 representatives from banks, insurers, loan providers, investor networks, and more. Whenever someone books a ticket, their name, address, contact and payment details are passed through a server. Any criminal that manages to intercept this communication has a potential goldmine at their fingertips.

Venues also represent an easy target due to their use of Wi-Fi. These cases tend to involve a ‘man in the middle attack’, which enables the hacker to read communications going from a mobile device to the router. That leads to the capturing of login data, bank details and anything else being sent by the victim during their session.


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