Why Microsoft’s latest cyber security milestone should have other vendors worried

We (I include myself here) have been banging on about Microsoft and poor cyber security for decades. What happens if the actually get better? Do all the cool security vendors go out of business?…:

In late January, Microsoft trumpeted a new milestone. The company had, for the first time, surpassed US$10 billion in cyber security revenue over the previous year.

For context, Microsoft saw a 17 per cent year-on-year boost in overall revenue, to US$43.1 billion, during the quarter ended 31 December 2020 alone. The vendor’s second quarter revenue for commercial cloud, arguably its fastest-growing segment, was up by 34 per cent, to US$16.7 billion.

The latest revenue milestone from the vendor’s cyber security business equates to a growth rate of more than 40 per cent, year-on-year, with that figure encompassing Microsoft’s security, compliance, identity and management businesses.

Today, the company helps to secure more than 400,000 customers across 120 countries.

A day after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed the new milestone during the firm’s December quarter financial briefing, the company’s security, compliance and identify corporate vice president Vasu Jakkal landed a stellar argument showcasing how the tech giant is likely to continue its path to world domination in the security segment: sheer user numbers.

“Consider the tremendous number of signals we take in across our platforms and services, over eight trillion security signals every 24 hours,” Jakkal said. “Using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques — plus the power of smart humans — we put these signals to work on behalf of our customers.

“In 2020 alone, almost six billion malware threats were blocked on endpoints protected by Microsoft Defender,” she added.


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