Why Soul-Based Leadership Will Change the Nature of Remote and Hybrid Work – InfoQ

Yes, it’s a bit new-age but there are some gems in this article for leaders in the age of hybrid working. For example, why it’s a bad idea to book back to back video calls..:

[…] For example, early on in the pandemic I was hired to help a technology executive on the other side of the country whose employees were, as he put it, “literally starting to cry” because they couldn’t physically or emotionally stand the non-stop stacked video calls. He didn’t know what to do because it seemed the only option. But it wasn’t.

He and his employees had just become habituated to thinking that was their only choice. As we worked together, he began to see how he could use a mix of communication modes and better timing of tasks and deliverables to give the body and mind some rest, while still operating at a high level of efficiency: by understanding the person as a “soul”. After he’d put some of these practices into action, he called to say that his people were much calmer and the work quality had increased.

Since then, it’s become clear that using audio only or mixing up video with audio sometimes is important. Making time for “human(e) needs” like bathroom breaks, food, and taking care of small household chores for example are paradoxically like manna from heaven when compared to the robotic reruns of our recent experiences.

It’s important to note that this leadership competency doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. We can intentionally do this by focusing on strengthening our brain’s executive function to escape old habits that no longer serve us.


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