Will quantum computing overwhelm existing security tech in the near future?

The key takeaway is that you need to implement quantum-safe encryption now to protect your data because if the classical encryption you’re using can’t be cracked today, it will be in the future…:

More than half (54%) of cybersecurity professionals have expressed concerns that quantum computing will outpace the development of other security tech, according to a research from Neustar.

Keeping a watchful eye on developments, 74% of organizations admitted to paying close attention to the technology’s evolution, with 21% already experimenting with their own quantum computing strategies.

A further 35% of experts claimed to be in the process of developing a quantum strategy, while just 16% said they were not yet thinking about it. This shift in focus comes as the vast majority (73%) of cyber security professionals expect advances in quantum computing to overcome legacy technologies, such as encryption, within the next five years.

Almost all respondents (93%) believe the next-generation computers will overwhelm existing security technology, with just 7% under the impression that true quantum supremacy will never happen.


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