Windows 10 Mobile is over: Prepare for final security patches as support ends

If you happen to have one of the several million Windows Mobile devices still out there. Time to do the decent thing and turn it off for the last time…:

Tuesday marks the end of Microsoft’s failed bid to get the world on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone or Windows 10 Phone. Come December 2019 Patch Tuesday, it will be the last time Microsoft ever offers security updates for devices running Windows 10 Mobile.

The end of Windows 10 Mobile patches is not a huge deal in itself. After all, even Microsoft execs and Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, have moved on to using mostly Samsung Android phones.

But the day is a marker for what Gates has described as his biggest mistake as CEO of one of the world’s biggest software companies. Last month he opined that the world would be on Windows Mobile if he had not been distracted by his self-made antitrust problems in the US and Europe.


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