WordPress to add auto-update feature for themes and plugins

For the WordPress sites I manage I use WPCLI to keep everything updated via a series of cron tasks. It would be great if it just happened without setting anything else up…:

The WordPress developer team is working on adding an auto-update mechanism to themes and plugins, a common source of website hacks, primarily because site owners usually install themes and plugins, and then forget to update them.

Work on this feature began months ago.

Currently, the auto-update feature is already implemented for plugins, and work is underway on adding it to WordPress’ themes feature.

Once the auto-update option rolls out for the stable versions of the WordPress content management system (CMS), site owners will be able to configure themes and plugins to update themselves by checking an option in their site’s admin panels.

Below are screenshots of how these new auto-update options will look like, once development ends.

Image via Jb Audras
Image via Jb Audras
Image via karmatosed

WordPress site owners who would like to test the new themes and plugins auto-update feature can install this plugin on their sites.

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