WordPress to automatically disable Google FLoC on websites

First Apple (iOS 14.5 coming soon), now WordPress are addressing the surveillance economy…:

[…] In a new announcement today, WordPress states that they consider Google’s FLoC technology a security concern and will begin to block it in future versions.

“WordPress powers approximately 41% of the web – and this community can help combat racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and discrimination against those with mental illness with four lines of code,” says WordPress.

WordPress plans to disable FLoC using the following four lines of code, which will cause the blogging platform to issue a HTTP request header tells the browser that FLoC should be disabled for the site.

function disable_floc($headers) {
    $headers['Permissions-Policy'] = 'interest-cohort=()';
    return $headers;
add_filter('wp_headers', 'disable_floc');

WordPress explains that though some admins will likely want to enable this technology, those admins probably have the tech know-how to override the above code. WordPress also indicated that they might add a setting that allows admins to control whether FLoC is permitted.

However, WordPress’s concern is that those unaware of this new tracking technology will automatically opt into it without fully understanding what it entails. Therefore, it is in these users’ best interest for WordPress to automatically disable the technology.


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