Worsening Computer Chip Crisis Shows Supply Chains Are Still At Risk

This reads like the end of ‘Just in Time’ when it comes to chip supply chain logistics…:

[…] Mark Dohnalek, president and CEO of Pivot International, said, “The new way of thinking during this chip shortage has become: if you don’t have it in stock, you don’t have it. This chip shortage has taught us that the only way to succeed is to buy way out in front of demand in order to secure what is needed from the supply chain.

“Without this security, companies will have a higher risk level of being shut down for periods of time. Right now, during the crisis, companies need to buy well in advance, more than they previously operated at. When we are past this shortage, companies will modify their previous approach of very lean inventory management with higher stock to mitigate from this happening again,” he advised.


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