Yubico pledges to secure world’s most at-risk organisations

Decades ago I led the development and marketing of  a two-factor authentication service based on RSA tokens (remember them?). One of the selling points was that the number of password resets required (at a help-desk cost of about $90 a pop) is drastically reduced. However, we never managed to convince any of our enterprise clients to roll this out beyond remote workers and high risk individuals despite the (we thought) obvious business case. If Yubico are attempting to seed Yubikeys in the hope that this leads to a wider rollout, I wish them luck…:

Yubico is partnering with Microsoft to donate 25,000 free YubiKey security keys to high profile and high risk organisations across 31 countries, including healthcare workers, election campaigners, human rights defenders, and journalists.

Last year the company announced a partnership with Microsoft AccountGuard to deliver YubiKeys to at-risk organisations ahead of the United States Election. Now the company is offering a similar arrangement to more organisations.

The YubiKey is a form of security key that provides authentication with multi-protocol capabilities. It works across legacy and modern systems.


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