Zoho on collecting customer data and avoiding the cookies trap

I’m wary of any company that makes its money from selling my eyeballs. Zoho seems to understand this…:

Zoho’s chief strategy officer Vijay Sundaram is a firm believer that business growth should not come at the cost of customer privacy.

“20 years ago, we made a decision: We will never have a model that makes revenue out of advertising,” he told ZDNet.

“What that means is that slows down your growth because you have obvious ways to add an additional revenue stream … but what that winds up doing is something that lasts over a longer period of time.”

According to Sundaram, the exponential growth it can potentially offer could also result in conflicting models.

“You see a lot of technology companies today, and it’s not just the Googles of the world, or the Facebook’s of the world, and many technology companies, including Amazon and Microsoft and others that have an advertising model, however big or small it is,” he said.

“There is a fundamental conflict in that model because ad revenue and privacy are fundamentally at loggerheads — in a sense as the oil and water business — they just don’t mix.”


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