Zoom agrees to implement more security for video calls under FTC settlement

If you start with the assumption that anything you say or show on a conference call could be accessed by someone not on the call, then you won’t be disappointed. Zoom has, finally, implemented end to end encryption, but they have been found out to be lying about it before it was rolled out. Time to sit on the naughty step..:

Zoom has agreed to implement better security for its video calling platform under a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission. The company “deceived users” by claiming to had end-to-end 256-bit encryption, the FTC alleged in its complaint.

“In reality, the FTC alleges, Zoom maintained the cryptographic keys that could allow Zoom to access the content of its customers’ meetings, and secured its Zoom Meetings, in part, with a lower level of encryption than promised,” the FTC said.

It also allegedly stored some recorded meetings unencrypted on its servers for up to 60 days.


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