Startup support

You might recognise this problem…

You’re a startup and have a great idea and a young, passionate team but you need some experience on the board to help with decisions about technology, marketing, data protection…anything concerned with taking your great idea, turning it into a Minimum Viable Product (without falling foul of data protection regulations) and getting it to market.

Why not ‘rent-a-CTO/CMO/DPO’?

We’ll find experienced executives to work with you and accelerate your digital business. We’re flexible enough to work for equity, though we usually work on a mix of equity and a retainer.


Data Protection HealthCheck

Concerned about the GDPR? Looking for a Data Protection Officer? Want validation that your security controls are robust enough?

Our Data Protection HealthCheck service is aimed at organisations that want to embed security into their business, whether validating existing or developing new applications and processes.

Typical engagements: Produce a Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) to support GDPR requirements; Review and harden a healthcare application; Develop and launch a secure method of capturing memories…

Detect and stop breaches

Breaches are inevitable but you want to know when a breach occurs, and stop access to sensitive data. We implement and manage cyber deception platforms to detect, investigate, and contain attackers.

Protect personal data

When sending documents around or outside your organisation you need to ensure that personal information is protected. Anonymization is the process of either encrypting or removing personally identifiable information from data sets so that the people whom the data describe, remain anonymous. Isolating and protecting your sensitive data is the foundation for proper governance, data security and control.

Threat Modelling

Whether developing new applications or reviewing the risks associated with your IT real estate, your organisation needs a way to identify, predict and define threats across the entire attack surface so you can take appropriate security decisions and minimise overall risk.

Even better, you want to draw on the best practise that the industry has to offer.

We provide a threat modelling service that automates a lot of the modelling process and adapts as you change and develop your application set.